Are you ready for Drools 5.2 + jbpm5?

Great things are happening into the core of Drools and it will impact into the whole community.
This post is not about the great features we gonna have soon but about how to make the transition painless.
From the developer point of view things are getting better and better.

    Git migration
    Maven 3 compliance
    Repository cleanup (no more .classpath and .project files)
    Guvnor building coming less and less painful
    Huge internal refactors and optimizations

The major of this tasks were leaded by ge0ffrey who has made our lives a lot better :)

As regular user of the framework when you finally decide to move from 5.1.1 to 5.2 you will find a big difference. Drools Flow is gone… but it has reborn as JBPM5!.
So the concepts remains the same but you’ll need to adjust your dependencies and make a reorganization of your imports. This is the first step on breaking backward compatibility preparing us for the big crash arriving on 6.0 :)
Basically u gonna need to add

  <artifactId>jbpm-[flow | persistence-jpa | bpm2 | ...]</artifactId>

Doing so you should change a lot of your org.drools packages into org.jbpm.



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