New Guvnor Feature – Rule Templates
May 28, 2010

Here is a screencast showing guvnor rule template features

As you can see here, ¬†the Template Editor is an extension of the famous Rule Editor which now has a Template Data tab. On this tab you’ll find a grid having the template placeholders (a.k.a. “template keys”) as columns. So in your knowledge base you’ll finally add the rules generated by the drools-template module, using the data into the grid and the parametrized rule that you’ve created in the editor.


Drools Flow :: Work Items
April 19, 2010


Working on improve our knowledge about the Drools platform and to give something back to the community. This time we’ll discuss a language extension called Work Items. The official documentation says: “[Drools Flow] offers constructs that are closely related to the problem the user is trying to solve”. In other words, creating your own WorkItems lets you extend the business modeling language¬†to a domain oriented way.
Creating a language for your process gives you an enormous flexibility in what you can express. The funny thing is that with this great power doesn’t come a great responsibility, meaning there is no more responsibility than needed to write any bored and unflexible process language.


Jetty + DataSource + JTA
April 18, 2010

Working on my next post about Drools Flow Work Items I wanted to have a one click example. This example involves a web application so I started with Jetty which fits perfect for a mvn jetty:run example. In the standalone example we run our own JNDI directory provided by Bitronix. Jetty has JNDI directory embedded so we have to register the datasource and the transaction manager. Doing this task for a totally jetty noob could be a little difficult and time consuming. So, hoping nobody has to spend too much time on this, I’ll try to summarize the steps I did to make this.